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As a floral designer and stylist, I love using flowers in every way possible. With spring racing just around the corner, the Flower Dayz team wanted to share some tips on creating a DIY Floral Fascinator.
One of the hardest choices to make when selecting your outfit for the races is your headwear.
If you want to set yourself apart from the crowd you could try your hand at creating your own fascinator.

Once you have your dress, shoes and handbag sorted out it’s time to think about your floral fascinator. The two main things to keep in mind when creating your headpiece will be colours and how you will style your hair on the day. Once these important factors are organised you can begin to decide what base you will use, what design you will go for (the internet be a great help for this!) and what flowers you will use.

When choosing flowers for the day, don’t forget to factor in the temperature – you don’t want to be walking around with wilted flowers on your fascinator!
Flowers that hold water in their stems are perfect for hot days.

Now, let’s get making!

  • Get your base organised. We used a simple Alannah Hil cap, which was framed with fine feathers we could add too.
  • Lay the flowers out on the table to get an idea of the placements
  • Unless you are a florist, I am going to recommend attaching the flowers with floristry glue instead of wiring and parafilm.
  • Once you know the design and the placement of your flowers you can start gluing them into place. I would work from the outer edge first, then your center focal and fill in the rest.
  • As you work through your design, stop and check that you have balance in colour, size and shape.
  • Once you have finished, let it dry for an hour and then it’s time to try it on! The only way you will be able to see if you need to add to it is to try it on with your dress and put your hair as you want it on the day.

We paired our floral fascinator with an amazing off the shoulder Alannah Hill Dress. We chose flowers that would compliment the shades of pink, cream, gold and peach.

If your DIY floral fascinator doesn’t go as planned Flower Dayz are always on hand to help with floral design and styling. Flower Dayz can create great floral headpieces and fascinators for any occasion.


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