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There is nothing that says ‘welcome home’ more than a bunch of flowers on your entry table. Floral styling and design cam create the perfect ambience for any household.

Selecting to right flowers to display at home can be a little frustrating. Where do I put them? What flowers should I use? How big should the arrangement be?
Am I using the right vase? What colours will suit? How long will they last? These are all questions I asked myself before I created my Melbourne-based floral business.

Let me see if I can help you with some answers

  • Where do you put them? I would say anywhere you want to. Important things to remember is direct sunlight, heating and air conditioning vents, these will shorten the life span of some flowers, especially your heating and cooling so try not to place them directly in front. Direct sunlight will cause some of your flowers to open to quickly so if you don’t want that to happen place your arrangement in a shaded area, or away from your windows.
  • What flowers should you use? This will always come down to what you like. The most important thing to remember is to look for quality. You don’t want to buy flowers that are fully open as they wont have as much life left in them, the flowers and stems need to be strong in colour and strength. Spots on the petals and the leaves should be avoided and if the flowers are bruised don’t buy them. So you can use whatever flowers you like but look for quality.
  • How big should my arrangement be? That will depend on where you want to put it. If you wanted a flower arrangement for a dinning table that seats 8 a single jar of flowers would be to small, you would lose it in the size of the table but if you where to put that same arrangement on a little side table it would look great. Look at the space you are working with, as an example the 8 seated table would need an arrangement that stood about 2 feet high for it to have any effect or you could have a low arrangement but it would need to have length, between 1 ½ to 2 feet. When selecting the size its all about proportion.
  • Am I using the right vase? Think of the overall size you want your arrangement to be. What height do you want your flowers to be beyond the vase rim? Does the colour of the vase work with the colours of your flowers and your interiors? Look at using vases that have complimenting textures. You don’t have to stick with tradition; a large teapot with flowers looks amazing on a kitchen bench or sideboard. You can be quite creative with the types of containers you use as long as they are water tight. The most important thing to remember with your vase is it needs to be clean, dirty vases hold bacteria, which will kill your flowers very quickly.
  • What colours will suit? This will depend on what surrounding colours they are going with. Before I became a florist I went to an art shop and bought myself a small colour wheel, it was a game changer and helped me a lot. To give you an example, I have a dining table made out of varnished timber crates, cream upholstered chairs, cream walls and a large red rug under the table. I will do arrangements either in shades of whites, shades of yellow/orange with purples and pinks or creams with shades of pinks and reds but I would not have one that had reds, oranges, purples, blues, greens, yellows all in the same arrangement because it would be to over powering in that space. If you are not sure, take a photo of where you want your flowers to go, include some of the surrounding area and go and see your local florist. Show them the photo as they may have something already made up that would be perfect for the space.
  • How long will they last? The life span of the flowers will depend on the quality of the flowers you buy, a clean vase, where you place them (away from aircon and heating) and a little bit of love and by that I mean, change the water every couple of days and recut the stems every 2 – 3 days. Use fresh water and a little preservative and they will love you for it.

Now it’s time to head to your local florist and get styling! For any help in floral creations and designs for home, work or special events, Flower Dayz can help create the perfect design dependent on your needs.


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